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I’m not really sure what I expected..



continue to circle around the issue and accuse all men of being rapists or potential rapists until they kill themselves

Oh, please.  Most of these “feminists” don’t even care about rape victims outside of TUMBLR, let alone do they have any regard for other gender identities.  I also literally never see them actually discussing rape as a social  issue.  EVER.  It isn’t about rape or rape victims, and it never was.  For these extra-special people, their only concern is policing the language and behavior of others in order to make themselves more comfortable.

Also, apparently, none of these “feminists” have ever heard of Joyce McKinney.

lol another "anti feminist" pony fan God you people are fucking disgusting. Stop fucking watching a show for little girls and mangling it into your bigoted belief system. Stop being degenerate horse-ass fetishists. Get the fuck out of your mommy's basement, get a fucking job and maybe shower for once in your life you fucking smegma-caked neckbeard pedophile.




Said the probably-an-entitled-teenaged-girl still living with her parents, and likely without a job, to the 5’4”, 31-year-old French/Lebanese midwestern woman house painter living in a cozy suburb that grew up with My Little Pony in the 80’s, knows its origins as a show intended by the original creator to be an adventure series for both boys and girls, and used to be just as misguided as an “activist” when she was younger, but came to see the way in which the term “feminism” is being abused by young radicals as a guise under which to practice the same level of hatred and sexism they claim to be against.



I’m not really sure how MLP is “meant for boys”. Boys can watch them, but that doesn’t mean the show was meant for boys. The show is mainly for girls and their parents. But, of course, that doesn’t mean boys can’t watch them either. It just means that the show was never meant for boys. :/

Sweetie…I’m referring to the original series from the 80’s.  Bonnie Zacherle had, in fact, intended it to be an adventure series for both girls, and boys.  She has stated this herself.  It was Hasbro that chose to market it exclusively to girls (it was also Hasbro’s directing the storyline to revolve around the toys (rather than the other way around) that made Lauren Faust leave Friendship is Magic after the first season).

Take a moment some time to look at some of the villain designs from the original g1 series, and note how they could easily be placed into any “boy” cartoon of the same era. 






Also, the show often veered into some pretty damn dark territory, including a bunch of ponies singing about how much they hate some newborn ponies, and wouldn’t care if they were harmed or made into pets.

When it comes to the latest incarnation of the franchise, I guess we’re conveniently forgetting what Lauren Faust herself has said:


Lastly, you mean to tell me that this show is only ever “girly”?










There’s a pretty extensive page on TV Tropes dedicated solely to the amount of nightmare fuel in this show.  The show even made an obvious reference to a book and movie about human sexuality in its first season.

Plus, listen to just the audio from Pinkie Pie’s mental breakdown in “Party of One”.

As I’ve said before, many of the top people working in today’s animation industry came from my generation - the ones that grew up with the bizarre, often-dark cartoons of the 80’s and early 90’s (I mean, for fuck’s sake, we had children’s cartoons based on HORROR MOVIES, including Toxic Crusaders, which was based on an R-rated Troma movie that features a child’s head being smashed under a car tire, and two girls hopping out of the car and taking pictures of the remains).

Cartoons themselves were not originally created for children, and even many of the ones supposedly aimed at a younger demographic slip in some seriously questionable material (remember when Animaniacs made a joke about fingering The Artist Formerly Known as Prince?). 

Animation is for everyone on the planet, and it’s about time people stop forcing the stigma that it’s “just for kids”, as well as the idea that anything besides specific personal hygiene products should be specifically for any one gender identity.

"So what's this whole Lunar Eclipse thing? Are you okay?" (//Still on hiatus but just wanted to say hi again)

She yawns rubbing her eyes. “J-Just drains me of energy really. Kinda like when I snooze through the day but I’m unable to bend at all. Not all that different from waterbenders.” She curls back up in the bed. “B-Be okay tomorrow.”


Disclaimer: Flyer above was personally made with using two photoshop brushes created by artists augustanekochan and tiffydoll. 
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Disclaimer: Flyer above was personally made with using two photoshop brushes created by artists augustanekochan and tiffydoll

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"Oh hello! I didn't mean to bump into you sir!" The young girl bows smiling. "I always have my head in the pretty sky,"




Haytham raised an eyebrow questionably at the woman who had found their way into him noting by words alone that not only was her head in one way but also metaphorically as well. “Hello,” he huffed and tutted before nodding his head in response to her bow. “I find there is little to look at but what is ahead of me.” A double edged sentence when he thought of it.

"Ohh..Right!" Yue taps her head smiling a bit sheepishly. "I’m too trusting." The cat hopped down off his post to push in front of both to get within. "Yak you horrid little rat, your manners are worse than mine!" Yue scolds as she sets down her items. She motions to the sitting area. "Uhm..Well wait here please." She picks up her flowers heading to the kitchen. "Thank you though for reminding me..It’s so hard to remember everything. I usually only go with Miss Cadence."

Yak in the mean time had hopped into the windowsill enjoying the sun’s rays. He disregarded anything else. Much like he owned the place.

Haytham strode within the familiar house, walking inside and following the small adolescent as she chastised the cat. Poor beggar. It was only a cat and cats really had no concept of such issues. “Yue, you should be easier with Yak. It is only a cat and cats are known to be fickle creatures at times. An animals trust must be earned not be expected.” Striding inside, he found himself smiling at the flowers. How like Cadence to have decorated her home with flowers and he didn’t doubt for a moment that Yue was getting practically an apprenticeship with her. “Yes, well, it is only in her interests and your own that I tell you. It could put you in danger to invite strangers into her home. What flowers are those, Yue?”

She looks back and giggles. “I guess so but I think Yak knows I love him.” She beams at the question of the flowers. “These are forget-me-nots in white sir.” Setting the face down she smiles a bit. “I was trying to find bleeding hearts but they weren’t around. I’m better at watering them than finding them.”

Send “I’d die for you.” for my character’s reaction.


i actually had this conversation today

That’s it, WE CAN ALL GO HOME NOW. There won’t ever be a better graphic that summarizes sexist double standards in today’s geek culture.

Gee look at thisAll this hypocritical bullshit I have here.Because that’s what this is bullshit. Wanna no why? BECAUSE GIRLS DO THE SAME FUCKING THING.You whine and complain about bronies EVEN WHEN they do more for the show or causes then all of you combined. Because waah thy invaded the girl thing.So no fuck you because you are playing the victim tale then pretending that side doesn’t do the same fucking thing and even worse. 



i actually had this conversation today

That’s it, WE CAN ALL GO HOME NOW. There won’t ever be a better graphic that summarizes sexist double standards in today’s geek culture.


Gee look at this
All this hypocritical bullshit I have here.
Because that’s what this is bullshit. Wanna no why? BECAUSE GIRLS DO THE SAME FUCKING THING.
You whine and complain about bronies EVEN WHEN they do more for the show or causes then all of you combined. Because waah thy invaded the girl thing.
So no fuck you because you are playing the victim tale then pretending that side doesn’t do the same fucking thing and even worse. 

50% upwards of a match don’t I feel special





Online image search tool and Chrome extension that claims to locate US sex offenders in it’s database with facial recognition analysis:

This Free online safety tool uses Facial Recognition to scan photos of Potential Dates, Coaches, Teachers and more… Check them all with CreepFace instantly!

Just Right Click and Select “Scan with CreepFace” to check any online photo against 475,000 Registered Sex Offenders in the U.S.

Facial Recognition powered by

The Creepface online search engine can be found here

Riiiiight, because we all know how fucking well facial recognition software works. Let’s try Zach Braff’s face.

How about Barack Obama?

Anonymous Mask?

Michael Myers from the Halloween series?

Grumpy Cat?

Fuckin’ solid software this shit is.

I feel awful for laughing at this, I really do


Animating female characters are extremely difficult. They have to go through a range of emotions, and having a film with two female characters and building distinguishing aspects was hard.

Michael Lee on animating Frozen

So that’s their (blatantly misogynistic) excuse for scrapping all but two of the female characters; that they’re too hard to animate? Those emotional female characters, they’re all the same, right? Here’s a hint: their “femaleness” isn’t what’s making them indistinguishable.


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Frozen keeps getting better and better.

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You morons do realize that less than ten years ago, it was considered next to IMPOSSIBLE to animate HAIR with CGI? I mean, ANY type of hair. When Pixar was making the Incredibles, they were so worried they wouldn’t be able to properly animate Violet, and went on and on about how her hair was so ridiculously hard to animate. VIOLET’S HAIR.

They had to develop and create entirely new programs to animate Rapunzel. Those programs are brand new, literally less than 4-5 years old. It takes TIME to develop new animation techniques, especially in a field of animation that is so new.

And you wonder why the protagonists of Frozen look so similar to Rapunzel. It’s because Rapunzel is their baseline. She’s their first big CGI female character (the only other CGI films Disney had done before Tangled were Treasure Planet, a animation-CGI hybrid, Chicken Little, Meet the Robinsons, and Bolt). She’s their first major CGI project with the technology they used in Tangled and Frozen. It takes Pixar literally YEARS to create each new project that they do. And you’ll notice, that the only Pixar character to have significant amounts of hair since Violet was Merida, and they had to develop like three COMPLETELY NEW programs to animate her hair.

Basically, this stuff takes time and money to develop, and stylistically, it should not come as a surprise to anyone that Anna looks similar to Rapunzel, given that Disney often uses the same default facial structure from decade to decade (Wendy and Alice, Aurora and Anita, Ariel and Belle, etc) while their new animation style is in development.

I swear, it’s like you people have no clue how animation actually works, or how freaking ridiculously hard it actually is. Show some respect, please.

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I’m going to reblog myself to add some context.

This is the article that the quote is from. The quote is unattributed.

Also included in this same article are these gems:

"Depending on the shot, it can take up to 4,000 computers and 30 hours just to complete one frame."

"Just in effects alone, it took over 50 people to make the the scene of Elsa building her ice palace during her musical number. According to the directors, it took “forever” to render."

"One of the challenges of Frozen was that the TD department had to populate the entire kingdom with people. In this case, the department ended up building 312 character rigs, 245 cloth rigs, and 63 hair rigs. It’s more rigs the department has build than any of the other Disney films.

  • To put that into perspective Anna’s character had 420,000 strands of hair; that’s 4.2 times more than a human.
  • Just in case you care keeping count, in Tangled, Rapunzel had 27,000 strands of hair.”

(remember how I said earlier that the animators talked loads about animating Rapunzel’s hair, body, and face, and how they basically created the programs they animated Tangled with from scratch? Yeah….)

"To cope with Anna and Elsa’s challenging Scandinavian hair braid style, the TD department built a new software called Tonic, which harks back to the hold barbershop days. Tonic used hair volumes and clumps, which would help build the strands and translate it into the vision. How the hair fell into place or if the character “had a bad hair day” helped the animators get an idea of how hair would work."

The TD Department approached the cloths from a real world perspective. Using a pattern based approach. The team built new software called Flourish to capture the sheer, stretch, and gravity  in a more convincing way so they can best represent silks, wools, and other clothing based materials. For example, by adding motions to a horses’ stirrups or tassels, they can dictate its behavior or the way it moves.

"The effects team were even conscious of how the wind would flow through hair and cloth. A variety of controlled simulations were done with the strength and length of the wind varying."

"Acting coaches were brought in to help animators create major and subtle character movements. So when you see Anna bite her lip, or Elsa’s diaphragm move, this is something both Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel, respectively, do in real life. Basically if it made it more believable, the animators put that in.”

…have fun guys.

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Lets also not forget that there’s a long-standing rumor that the stories of Tangled and Frozen take place in the same universe and—more critically—the female protagonists are linked by blood.

I reblogged it a while back, but someone actually sat down and figured it out, and the evidence was fairly convincing that the King of Arendelle and the Queen of Corona are brother and sister, which would make Anna, Elsa and Rapunzel first cousins—thus explaining the facial similarities.

While this isn’t confirmed, Pixar is notorious for linking their stories together, so it wouldn’t be surprising.

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Another note. How come no one has ever mentioned that Hans, Flynn, and Kristoff share similar traits? Obviously we can’t overlap their faces, but it’s almost as if, gee, they’re by the same animators.. Same lips, brows, eye style, et cetera. But you know, this is a gendered issue.

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The fact that it’s strongly implied that the Queens of Arendelle and Corona are sisters, and that Elsa, Anna and Punzy are all cousins, it makes all the screeching about Disney not knowing how to animate or design as well as a bunch of 19 year old college dropouts who watch cartoons all day, extra deliciously hilarious. 

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